Monday, June 13, 2011

Why this blog

Many thanks in advance to those who are reading this. If you don't know me yet, my name is Louisa Klein and I'm a former children's and young adult's editor, now a freelance editorial PR specialist after a very productive time working for South West News, the biggest press agency in the UK.

I coordinate a group of independent editors and artists, all coming from the publishing and marketing field and I'm the concept developer of Lost in Fiction (, a portal for fiction-fans, where you can find virtually anything regarding not only books but, generally speaking good stories, good fiction: films, comic books, plays … We're not posh, we just like a good story.

Lost in Fiction is mostly a professional site, I say “mostly” since there are plenty of my film reviews, but it's full of updates about the publishing world,  serious book reviews and contributions from other colleagues, while this is MY SPACE. Here, I will of course share the material I already post on Lost in Fiction, since I know the blogger community is completely different and most of the bloggers here, might not have heard of the website.

The main difference will be that on blogger, I will write what I think without censorship. I know, those who have already read Lost in Fiction are probably surprised, believing that I was already writing there without censorship, well, I wasn't! So brace yourselves and be ready to rock.
Of course, please let me underline that the opinions here are mine only and do not represent in any fashion any of the other Lost in Fiction contributors

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